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Giveaway of Elyssa Patrick’s One Hit Wonder

GIVEAWAY WINNER for One Hit Wonder is Amy C. (FB entry).  (You all get entered in the same random selection, but there are so many more FB entries that FB winners pop up more often. But don’t worry, blog entrants, you’re in there!)


I think last week with Tamara Morgan’s generous giveaway I mentioned that I wanted to start spreading the book love for some of the great reads I’ve been discovering this summer. My idea is that whenever I am getting excited about an upcoming new release from someone, I would like to share with you guys the first book I read by that author or maybe sometimes in that series–the book that got me so excited for future releases.

So today, thanks to Super Sweetheart of an author Elyssa Patrick, we are doing a little giveaway of her novella One Hit Wonder (Rock Stars in Love 1.5).

one hit wonder patrick

This was the first work I read by Elyssa, and I Adore the Hero, Damon. No, really. Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I think about Damon scenes and I just cheer right up. Reading his book means you get to carry an extra smile around with you forever after, tucked in your pocket, for bad days. Two words: wears pink, and shakes his butt. OK, that’s more like 2 expressions than 2 words, but if that’s not enough for you…well, I’m sorry, but it was enough for me. He was hilarious. In fact, the only problem with this novella is that it is *too short* and we still want more Damon and his tricks. So ever since I read it, I routinely email, Tweet, and otherwise harass Elyssa to try to get her to include Damon cameos in all her other books. And since so far, for no reason I can explain, she is Refusing to Submit Her Creativity to My Demands, my real goal in giving away a copy of One Hit Wonder is to get other people to join my petition, until the pressure on her is So Great that she has to yield and we will have Damon, Damon everywhere. (Think rabid fans. That’s us.)

Elyssa Patrick is releasing the first book in a new NA (New Adult) series next week, STAY WITH ME, which is getting all kinds of great reviews. I can’t wait!! (Actually, she let me read an advanced copy and I still can’t wait. The hero of that one is such a sweetheart. Just the guy you wished you could have met in college.) But there is No Damon cameo in it, so read this book first and then help me with that petition for all her future books. :)

stay with me elyssa patrick

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Passing on the Chocolate Karma!

GIVEAWAY WINNER = Mearl (one of the FB entries), selected by giving everyone a number and letting pick the number. (Probably the slow way of doing this, I’m thinking. At the cutting edge of technology, that’s me.) Thanks for your interest! I think we will do more of these chocolate giveaways, so if you have a chocolatier to recommend for one, make sure to mention it on my US Artisan Chocolatier page.


People have been so generous with me this week, it’s crazy. Reader Jan sent me some yummy drinking chocolate mix and chocolate almonds from Christopher Elbow. Author Theresa Romain sent a box of chocolates from her favorite local chocolatier, Cocoa Dolce.

chocolate presents

I was on jury duty and went by a favorite local donut place, Monuts, and they gave a huge bag of their pistachio nectarine and maple bacon bourbon donuts to take back to the jurors. And then my favorite local chocolatier, Miel Bon Bons, re-opened much, much closer to me! And welcomed my friends and me with this delicious glass of prosecco-lychee sorbet.

So I’m passing on the Chocolate Karma. If you’d like a 9-piece box of Miel Bon Bons chocolates, comment below, or you can also enter on my Facebook site.

miel bonbons chocolate

One caveat, I can’t ship chocolates internationally, I’m sorry. US only. They would be ruined.

We’ll run this contest until Thursday midnight, let’s say.

Just so that Chocolate Karma keeps on going! One should never, ever let Chocolate Karma get stuck. (Can karma get stuck? Seems as if it could. But it’s not going to get stuck here, that’s all I’m saying! :) )


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Giveaway of Tamara Morgan’s Confidence Tricks

GIVEAWAY WINNERS–selected by random # generator from entries here and on the blog–are Debbie W. and Elaine T.! Congratulations! I hope you laugh as hard as I did at this book. :)


Some of you may remember me talking about Confidence Tricks a few weeks back and how much I loved it? I am reading an advanced copy of author Tamara Morgan’s next book now, Derby Girl, and again am just in love with how unique her characters are.

derby girl

So I thought–I have to introduce more people to these crazy fun books so we can talk about them! They’re fun, but they have a lot of heart, too, which I love.

Tamara kindly agreed to give two ebook copies away. I asked for CONFIDENCE TRICKS since that was my first book by her, and that way, you can be introduced to her the same way I was! Tell me if you laugh the whole way through, too. :)

confidence tricks

I’m accepting entries for the giveaway either here (comment below) or on my Facebook site.

If you win–maybe consider leaving a review on Amazon or similar for the book? That’s not obligatory, of course, but reviews–honest, of course–are always a nice way to say thanks for a book, because they are sooo important to the website algorithms, among other things.

THANK YOU to Tamara Morgan for offering the two books! I’m very excited to contemplate two of you curling up with Asprey and Poppy and want to know if you laugh as hard as I do in the same places. Asprey is priceless!! Come tell me about it afterward, okay?
Thanks again to Tamara!

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Talking About Libraries in Publishers Weekly

I’m on my soapbox about libraries in Publishers Weekly today.

What’s your take on libraries? Do you support them? Do you feel they support you?

I’m pro library, obviously. :)

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Snow-Kissed: Coming Sept 24

I’m excited to officially share the cover and blurb for my Christmas novella, SNOW-KISSED. Coming September 24! I must warn you, this one makes me cry every time I work on it.

What do you think of the cover?


This is a packed fall/winter, with several releases coming up:

Sept 24: Snow-Kissed, a stand-alone Christmas novella.

Nov 26: The Chocolate Heart, the fifth in the Chocolate series.

Dec 3: A Rose in Winter, a novella in the anthology NO PLACE LIKE HOME, part of the Vie en Roses series.

If that sounds like a lot to keep track of, sign up for my newsletter to to receive an email on release dates. I don’t bother people much but occasionally I do have a special newsletter chocolate prize in connection with new releases. :)


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Book Club Questions for The Chocolate Kiss

Does anyone want to help brainstorm book club questions for THE CHOCOLATE KISS? I’ve agreed to an invitation from a book club next month and thought you guys might have fun with this. We’re discussing it also on my Facebook page (which is visible even to people who don’t like Facebook, don’t worry!).

Any ideas?

THE CHOCOLATE KISS is the pink cover one with Philippe and Magalie and macarons and witches, just in case the titles are starting to blur together. :)

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Chatting with Ruthie Knox and with Books N Kisses

There has been a LOT going on with THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH release, and of course I escaped to the mountains with no internet for part of it.

A beautiful recommend on for THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. (I can’t quite get over that it was recommended with MAGIC RISES. I adore Ilona Andrews’s books.) “This is fast-becoming one of my favorite and most-anticipated series. . . .A very adorable, well-done romance. I highly recommend this series.”

Ruthie Knox and I get a little out of hand in our interview, but I blame Ruthie. She’s like the Oprah of blogger interviewers, that’s what I say: she gets us to say things we never meant to confess! There’s also a giveaway with this interview, if you want to check it out.

And on Books N Kisses, I share a little glimpse of the real-life inspiration for the setting for Dom Richard’s salon de chocolat in THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. With photos!

Meanwhile, one of the chocolatiers I was interviewing recently, Andrea Smith of DiAmano Chocolate, also does THIS in her spare time.

Do you see why I love writing about people like this? I might have to do another chocolate book just to have a derby girl-chocolatier heroine. I’m getting a vision. People are AWESOME. So fascinating and multi-layered.


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CHOCOLATE TOUCH in stores Tuesday!

THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH comes available at midnight! Reviews have been so sweet. I’m so glad people are responding to this book, because this is just the couple I want to curl up and cuddle with and it’s a bit hard letting them go, to be honest.

Now I know I’ve mentioned the PW STARRED REVIEW probably fifty times before, so just a few snippets from some reviews coming in this weekend:

“Gorgeously written, in that way that sort of creeps through my entire body and makes me shiver with delight.” (Dear Author Recommended Read)

“A wonderful story of love, seeing in someone else what you think in lacking in yourself, and coming to terms with your past. . . . amazing.” (Harlequin Junkie Recommended Read)
“A stay-up-until-my-eyes-burn-with-sleep kind of read.” (6 matryhoshkas from Ruby’s Reads--I love this rating! It means she would take it to the afterlife with her. OK, then. I’m good with that. :) )

I hope you enjoy this book! I’m so excited for its release.


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What I’m Reading–What About You?

I am on the most incredible run of good luck in my reading material this month! I keep saying I should buy a lottery ticket, but what if that ate up all my reading good luck and left me with filthy lucre instead? So I’m sticking to books.

And just to help you get lucky, too, here are the two new ones from this past week that I’ve been talking about:

confidence tricks

Confidence Tricks by Tamara Morgan. This was so funny! I laughed and laughed through this book. It’s a thief caper, and you know how much I like those. (Although honestly, I don’t think you can qualify The Chocolate Thief as a thief caper. I’m not so good at writing capers, but I do love to read them.) The playboy-thief hero Asprey is hilarious, and I dare you to read one chapter and not fall for him. Go ahead–check out the sample and let me know if I won the dare or not! :) And the heroine, con-woman Poppy, is priceless. She can beat him up! And his masculinity somehow doesn’t suffer at all for that. His own madcap humor forms part of his very powerful masculinity, if you will. I love this. I laughed all the way through the book, and yet at the same time, I thought it was a very intelligent read–much more than the humor, a story with a lot of heart.


Making It Last – A Novella (Camelot Series)by Ruthie Knox. This is only 0.99, by the way and so incredibly worth it. Ruthie is an amazing writer, and I was particularly interested to read this one,  and have been all antsy for it to come out, because I knew she was taking on a similar concept to my novella Turning Up the Heat. I love seeing what different authors do with the same trope or the same essential idea, and in this case, I feel like there are just not enough books out there that look at an issue I absolutely love: that of a marriage ten years or so on. A marriage that is essentially a good marriage, the couple is doing their best by each other, and yet, and yet . . . they need to renegotiate who they are as individuals and who they are with each other. They are at a crossroads where they can reaffirm their love or perhaps see it die, if they aren’t careful. And Ruthie Knox does this story beautifully. She has such a down-to-earth-I-know-these-people way with her writing, with that vivid detail that makes them ours so very clearly, and this is a very emotional story. I would love to hear what you think of it. If you have read Turning Up the Heat, too, come back and have a comparative literature discussion! Remember, I had a lot of training as a literary scholar at one point in my life, and I just love thinking about and analyzing how different authors treat an idea.

What about you? What have you been reading this week? Are you having a good run, too, or in a rut?

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Wonderful Welcome in Georgia

It’s official: I love Friends of the Library hosted events. This whole series of talks, everyone has been so sweet, AND they have made chocolate every single time. I want to give a big thanks to Roni Tewksbury, director of the West Georgia Regional Library system, for organizing these events for their Adult Summer Reading Program finale.

Also, she kept telling everyone stories of how when we were kids, she would be working at the library desk of our hometown library in the system and see two giant stacks of books approaching the desk. Then the books would be set down and my sister and I would peek around the edge of them, ready to check out. Every few days.

This is a true story. My dad used to say the car didn’t know how to get home from school without turning into the library, because I was always insisting we stop by there.

So THAT’s why I love libraries and think all authors should. Plus, you know–they feed me chocolate these days. That’s always a plus.

A few photos of the events:

With an old dear friend who came to the signing.

With an old dear friend who came to the signing.


With one of my closest friends from school.

With one of my closest friends from school.

With Roni Tewksbury, director of the West GA Library system & responsible for organizing this series of events. The Buchanan Library is in the old courthouse--utterly charming. I pretended I was Perry Mason.

With Roni Tewksbury, director of the West GA Library system & responsible for organizing this series of events. The Buchanan Library is in the old courthouse–utterly charming. I pretended I was Perry Mason.

Jana, branch manager at the Buchanan Library, made truffles. Teresa Jones made truffles at the Neva Lomason library, too, but we failed to get a photo before they were all gone!

Jana, branch manager at the Buchanan Library, made truffles. Teresa Jones made truffles at the Neva Lomason library, too, but we failed to get a photo before they were all gone!

Buchanan Library display

Ephesus Library display

With Donna Alvis, head of the Ephesus Library & responsible for the lovely baskets and bouquets of chocolate-y gifts.

With Donna Alvis, head of the Ephesus Library & responsible for the lovely baskets and bouquets of chocolate-y gifts.

Ephesus basketEphesus

Signing away...

Signing away…

The mayor of Ephesus took a course with my dad. You can see by the expression on my face what kind of stories he is telling on my dad.

The mayor of Ephesus took a course with my dad. You can see by the expression on my face what kind of stories he is telling on my dad.

"Yes, that sounds like my dad, all right," I am saying.

“Yes, that sounds like my dad, all right,” I am saying.

A huge thanks to Roni Tewksbury for organizing all the events and being there in person to make sure every single one went off without a hitch. And a big thank you to everyone in the system who made it possible–branch managers such as Jana, Agnes for all the technical assistance, children’s librarian Teresa Jones (who makes awesome truffles), all the amazing Friends of the Library groups, and all their generous members who made chocolate and other goodies and showed up to support. Another thanks to Donna Alvis, because I am still gleefully enjoying all the chocolate-y goodies in the gift basket. And of course one Giant Enormous THANK YOU to everyone who turned out. Your support is so much appreciated.

It was a wonderful “advance premier” for THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH.

And I am now officially open to chocolate bribery from Friends of the Library everywhere. :)

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