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Friday Book Club: Granny Weatherwax

This Friday Book Club is in honor of Terry Pratchett. I think I will curl up with Granny Weatherwax all weekend, because every woman needs a healthy dose of Granny Weatherwax in her life from time to time. I first tried to read Terry Pratchett when I was a teenager, and Granny did not work at all for me–she was the antithesis of the heroine I wanted to read about. Later I read Good Omens, which Terry Pratchett wrote with Neil Gaiman, and could not stop laughing the whole way through. Then I read Small Gods, and then I was hooked and tried the Granny Weatherwax novels again, and, with a tiny bit more wisdom in me than when I was a teenager, I realized what a priceless character Granny Weatherwax was. I do very strongly recommend her if you haven’t tried.

How many of you have read Pratchett? His wit and what I can only describe as intellectual grace will be very much missed.

In other books, this Monday author Jessica Scott​ will be joining us for the Unsuitable series, which we will do for the first time as a book club experience–discussing alpha masculinity in romance novels and both Jessica’s book ALL FOR YOU and a much-loved favorite of hers and mine, Laura Kinsale’s FLOWERS FROM THE STORM. So I was re-reading those earlier this week. (That event will start at 4:45 Monday, any of you in the area who want to join us.)

And, in case you missed it, Nalini Singh​’s ROCK HARD is out! I had the pleasure of reading that a couple of weeks early, and it is so sweet and sexy and fun. I definitely recommend it.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you’re looking forward to? Anything you recommend?

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Friday Book Club: What are you reading?

I had the most wonderful evening with a book club last night! I love hanging out with smart, amazing women. And they brought chocolates (from Miel Bon Bons Fine Chocolate & Artisan Bake Shop ) AND I got to give away my very first set of Chocolate Vice mugs, so all in all…how much better an evening can you get? smile emoticon

What is going on with our Friday Book Club? What are you reading this week? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

I am editing Célie’s book and working hard on the next two, so this week I haven’t been reading much. I’ll have to figure out what to curl up with this weekend. How about you?

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Hot Chocolate Cups Go To…

I see there is a great love of hot chocolate cups here. :) (You know, those cups that some people use for coffee, but not me!)

I ended up drawing 6 names instead of 2, just because 2 seemed kind of inadequate to the interest. 3 from the email list and 3 from here on FB.

Never fear! I have a limited edition run of these. They are for book clubs and for YOU, so I will give away another every week or so until we run out.

Some people asked if I would sell them. Honestly, it’s too much hassle. This is just something I wanted to do for fun because what is a better symbol of curling up with the pleasures of life than a cup of hot chocolate…maybe under a cozy throw by the fire with a good book?

It seemed a little way to spread some happiness around! I hope so!

So today we have Carmin, Susan, and Gloria from the email list (emails sent) and Chris D., Amy D (of the macarons! do you think she draws luck on herself from all that goodness she makes?), and Lynn L, and Michele A, from Facebook and the blog.

(I know, that makes 7. The thing is, since I believe Lynn was the one who suggested the quote in the first place, I was going to send her one anyway as a thanks, so I drew another. I cannot find the old post where people were brainstorming quotes, now, though, so let me know if you think you were the one to mention it! My mind is a sieve these days.)

Happy chocolate drinking! I’ll draw another name next week to keep the chocolate cheer coming against the snow!

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A Cup of Hot Chocolate

Look what’s finally here! The hot chocolate cups! Just in time for spring probably, sigh. (Okay, so we get a little swamped over here and not everything gets done. But all this snow was motivating, hot chocolate wise.)

Who wants one? With a little bit of Valrhona nestled inside so that you can make your own cup of hot chocolate to get through this long winter–or maybe, who knows, celebrate the start of spring? (Any sign of spring yet where you live?)

I’ll pick one name from Facebook and one from my new releases email list, so you can enter both places. (Sign up for email list here.)


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The Chocolate Rose in Indonesia

The Chocolate Rose goes to Indonesia! I love this “old stamp” look that Bentang Pustaka is doing with the latest books in this series. It makes me want to pack up a trunk and catch an ocean liner to far-off places. How about you?

chocolate rose indonesia

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Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! What are you all reading this week? I have had a great reading week–first of all, I got to read Nalini Singh​’s Rock Hard early, and it was such a great, sexy, comforting read. The heroine calls the hero Mr. Tall, Dark & Carnivorous. :) I love it! And just wait until you get to the prenup. :)

I also tried Rose Lerner​’s True Pretenses, which I really loved. Very unique, rich characterizations.

Friend Elyssa Patrick​ ‘s Try With Me came out this past week, and it’s her most moving work in this series to date–but still with her characteristic sweet sexiness.

(Speaking of friends, friend and colleague Katharine Ashe​ has her latest in her Prince Catcher series out this week–I Loved a Rogue. A Desert Island Keeper for All About Romance!)

And Courtney Milan​ is coming for our Unsuitable series at Duke this Monday (5pm! open to the public!), so this weekend I’m going to be re-reading her Suffragette Scandal to have it fresh in my mind for the talk.

So…clearly I’ve been on a reading spree. Did I mention we’ve been snowbound here? With the power out for most of yesterday? Best thing to do between playing in the snow was to cuddle under a throw by the fire and read.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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Burlap & Roses

Matthieu’s burlap and roses. (Once Upon a Rose.)


Rose Harvest, Grasse, France.

Rose Harvest, Grasse, France.

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Friday Book Club! I’m reading Virginia Kantra, Thea Harrison, & Stephen King–you?

Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

I’m re-reading Virginia Kantra​’s CAROLINA MAN to have it fresh in my mind for next week’s UNSUITABLE talk (Wedn Feb 25, 5 pm!). It is just so profoundly good and well-written that it relaxes all the tension in my neck just to read it–I just love the characters and how beautifully crafted the story is.

AND I HAD SUCH A SPECIAL TREAT THIS WEEK! Thea Harrison​ sent me an advanced copy of her May release, MIDNIGHT’S KISS! I love her writing so much! This one was another wonderful book, but if you haven’t read her before, I recommend starting right at the beginning (Dragon Unbound). She writes paranormal. (Nalini Singh​ recommends her highly, Nalini Singh fans here!)

Oh, and I picked up Stephen King​’s ON WRITING. Great book. He’s such a superb writer, and it’s fun to see how much I agree with and the couple of things so far that I disagree with. (I’m going to write a post on adverbs one day, I swear. They have their place and power!) In any case, as he says, writing is a lifelong apprenticeship, and any writer could definitely learn a few things from him!

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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Revising & making truffles–what about you?

Some days I enjoy revising so much. There’s something very therapeutic about it, like cleaning up a room before you show it off to guests. A little word trimmed here, a sentence cleared up there, shining it up.

[Ironically, cleaning up an actual room would be something I do not enjoy doing at all.]

What are you celebrating this week? How are you taking time to enjoy life? We’ve been making truffles this weekend, and I suspect tomorrow will be a snow day here and we’ll be doing even more baking, the type of celebration I enjoy a lot.

I hope this week is treating you well!

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Book Valentine’s?

Valentine’s Day! A day which in regular life I have some reticence toward–if you’re in an established couple, hopefully you make time for each other (and chocolate!) without marketers telling you that today has to be the day, and if you’re single…doesn’t it just make you feel lousy?

BUT in books I have a *great* time with Valentine’s Day. When I think back on it, there have been quite a few Valentine moments in the Chocolate books in particular. I think that’s because once it slips into fiction, it’s so rich with symbolism that *of course* with all those chefs and chocolatiers I can’t resist.

So let’s celebrate Valentine’s in books! Do you have a favorite book Valentine moment? Or book boyfriend?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love yourself today, too!

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