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Unsuitable Events

For those of you in some proximity to Duke University who might be interested in coming to the public events that are paired with our Romance Novel course, here is  the full schedule. (With one addition still possible, depending on whether another speaker can make it.)

This “Unsuitable” series will open the classroom to the public, for a community discussion between students, scholars, industry professionals, and the wider community. All are welcome! The first event is February 9.

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The Potato Award!

I am ridiculously delighted that SNOW-KISSED is right there with MAGIC BITES receiving the “Potato Awards for Ultimate Relationship” (Ilona Andrews is a favorite author of mine and I adore Kate and Curran’s relationship). Also, I am just ridiculously delighted to be given a Potato Award anyway. I feel as if it should come with an official golden potato, but still… :) Can I give a return award to the Social Potato blog site for “Best Name for an Award Ever”? :)

A huge thank you for the honor! And check out the list for lots of great recommendations and a giveaway of a book from the list of your choice.

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Roses in all their forms! :)

I love this! Pakwanstripes, who is reading an ARC of ONCE UPON A ROSE, made this after reading about valleys of roses!

Lovely talent!

pakwan crochet

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Best of 2014 for Shadowed Heart from Romance Novels for Feminists

I wanted to take a second to offer a huge thank you to Romance Novels for Feminists for choosing SHADOWED HEART as a Best Book of 2014. I’m very honored by the selection and by the company, which includes Emma Barry, Ruthie Knox (Robin York), Suzanne Brockmann, Meredith Duran, Mary Ann Rivers, Cecilia Grant, Historical Romance Author, and several more authors whose work I hugely admire.

Thank you so much for honoring SHADOWED HEART!

Link to the full list.


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Friday Book Club!

Let’s talk about books today! It’s Friday Book Club, and we’ve missed a couple with the holidays. What are you reading?

I’m reading proofs of ONCE UPON A ROSE, to be honest. I’m enjoying that, so that’s a good sign, right? I find this couple so sweet.

Also, our Romance Novel course at Duke has started! And for the first week I have them reading Susan Napier’s IN BED WITH THE BOSS, so I’m re-reading that to prep my class. (The title has already gotten some discussion going in class! It will be fun to see how discussion goes Monday.) Have any of you read it? This must be one of my favorite Harlequin Presents, and I routinely contact any writers I know in New Zealand and beg them to tell me when Susan Napier is going to publish another book. And this is probably the reader favorite of all her books.

Have you ever read category romances like Harlequin Presents? (Do you have favorite authors, if so?)

Next up for me, I have WHEN BOOKS WENT TO WAR waiting for me at the library desk, and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to start it this weekend, because it sounds really fascinating.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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The darkened Eiffel Tower

Earlier today I learned that one of our colleagues was one of the journalists gravely wounded in the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices. Philippe Lançon, a very well-known journalist for Libération who also collaborated with Charlie Hebdo, spent last year here as a Media Fellow, in our department, and taught two courses for us, as well as gave many talks and was very actively engaged here intellectually, as you might expect of someone of his mind and wit. I didn’t realize he was among the wounded until another colleague emailed the rest of us today. My understanding is that, while seriously wounded, his prognosis is good, but it’s just…hard for me to wrap my mind around this event, as it is for everyone, I think, and to actually know someone who was caught in it makes it that much harder to encompass, while at the same time bringing it closer. The colleague who emailed to let us know is actually teaching a course on freedom of expression in France, inspired in part by some of the work with Lançon, a course that, by bitter coincidence, started yesterday, of all days.

The Eiffel Tower went dark tonight in honor of the victims.

I’m sorry to bring dark things to this site, as you know that is something I prefer to avoid, but of course you know how important Paris and France are to me, and my husband, of course, is Parisian, and these are artists and journalists he “grew up with” (reading their work).

It’s a very grievous thing.

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Keep Warm!

I am really dumbfounded that they didn’t delay openings today. They’ve delayed for much warmer temperatures here. (Schoolkids waiting for the bus before dawn without good winter attire, which they might often not have in this area if their family is struggling.)

Of course *we* are only at 10F, plus wind chill. That’s practically toasty warm compared to some of you. How are all of you doing? How are you staying warm? (It probably won’t surprise you to know that our method in this household involves hot chocolate.)

I hope you have a cozy throw and a good book to read! And if you have to go out in it, that you don’t have to stay out in it long.

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Charlie Hebdo

I rarely post anything to do with international tragedies here, because I want this to be a safe and happy space, but I just wanted to state my extreme sadness for the courageous artists and journalists of Charlie Hebdo as well as the two policemen who died intervening.

This is a very grievous day.

If you are in Paris, I think people will be gathering at République to manifest for freedom of expression at 18h00.

Rest in peace.

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Maybe that sweet book you’ve been waiting for?

Going through the edits and proofs of ONCE UPON A ROSE makes me feel as if I’m wrapping myself up in a big cozy throw, with hot chocolate. Only the cozy throw is made of rose petals and that pine- and herb-scented air of Provence. Summer in winter.

I think for those of you who have been wanting another sweet and not-so-angsty book from me, this might be it! (Watch everyone email me about how angsty it is, though! That happens to me all the time, when I think the book is basically a big bowl of marshmallows.)

Still…this one does feel (to me) as if it’s dominated by one big, grouchy cuddle-bunny. We’ll see if you like him. :)

I’m getting really excited to launch the Rosier series with this book.  I hope those of you who have been wanting another sweet comfort read will be happy!

Book 1 of the Vie en Roses series, ONCE UPON A ROSE, coming soon!


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Happy Holidays!

I’m signing off through the holidays, but wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season before I go!

May your season be merry and bright!

And if the holidays are a tough time for you, hide away with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, if you need to.

All my best wishes for a good start to 2015!

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