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Shadowed Heart is here!

A little snippet in honor of release day!


Buy links:


Barnes & Noble



I hope you enjoy it!

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Library Journal on SHADOWED HEART

A lovely review on SHADOWED HEART from LIBRARY JOURNAL today! I’m so thrilled.

This delightful, often hilarious story, filled with pickles, Popsicles, peaches, and passionate sex, sweeps Luc and Summer into the next delicious stage of their relationship and will leave fans anxious for more.

Or if you want the full review:

“Blissfully married and gradually adjusting to life together, Luc and Summer suddenly find themselves facing one more change–pregnancy. Happy, terrified, excited, and confused, their emotions run the gamut as they deal with the realities of impending parenthood. Luc agonizes over the success of his restaurant; Summer frets about the health of the baby; and they both struggle with being good parents while still sorting out their own relationship. VERDICT Continuing the romance begun in The Chocolate Heart , this delightful, often hilarious story, filled with pickles, Popsicles, peaches, and passionate sex, sweeps Luc and Summer into the next delicious stage of their relationship and will leave fans anxious for more. This well-written story told from multiple viewpoints will appeal across genre lines.”

Out December 3! That’s Wednesday! (Print version available today!)



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Print version of SHADOWED HEART up for order & the title decision on Book 9


1) PRINT readers should be able to order SHADOWED HEART as of now, if they order from Amazon. (Barnes & Noble etc. take a little longer to show up.) If often takes a week to go live from when we authorize it, and we were worried about additional delays with the holidays, so we authorized it yesterday…and of course it went live in 24 hours this time!

Maybe this will help balance out all the times print readers have been the ones who had to be patient while ebook readers already have their books. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a link, if you need it: Amazon.

2) And we’ve gone with ONCE UPON A HERO for now for the title for the excerpt I share in the back. THANK you all for your input! This may be still a working title, as I continue to hesitate over it and this book won’t be coming out until probably late spring (no promises on date yet!). Today, for example, I’m hesitating over TOUGHER THAN THE REST as a title. (What do you think?)  But who knows tomorrow? : ) Thanks so much again for your help with these titles!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Advanced Copies of Shadowed Heart–Emails sent!

Emails have gone out for the SHADOWED HEART advanced copies! If you don’t have an email, I am very sorry to disappoint you. I really appreciate all the support so much. The interest in advanced copies has increased a lot this past year, so I actually ended up doubling the number of names drawn to try to balance that out, but that still left a lot of people out, unfortunately.

I hope all of you enjoy it, and I’m very sorry not to be able to distribute copies to everyone! I really appreciate the support, and I’m so glad people are looking forward to this story. It really means a lot to me.

And I’m keeping a list of those who expressed interest, that I continue to add to and use for future advanced copies (ONCE UPON A ROSE!), too, so maybe next time!

Thanks so much to all of you again!

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Advanced Copies of SHADOWED HEART

Advanced copies of SHADOWED HEART:

First of all, a huge thank you to all of those who offered to beta read! As promised, I drew five names from those who offered but didn’t get the chance, and they’ve been emailed an offer of the advanced final copies now that those are ready. (If you don’t have an email, I’m sorry! It wasn’t you this time. )

I would also like to extend my usual offer to share 5 more advanced copies to anyone who is interested in reviewing on Amazon (and, ideally, also on Goodreads and Barnes & Noble or other sites you may use). These initial reviews, posted early upon release, really help get the discussion going about a new book, and are hugely important. If you think that would be something you would like to do, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the “reader reviewer” list from which I draw the names.

Thanks so much again for all your support of this book, to all of you!



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No Place Like Home on sale (Rose in Winter)

Great news! Kensington has put NO PLACE LIKE HOME ebook on sale for $2.99, in honor of the holidays. This is the anthology that has my ROSE IN WINTER novella, plus Christmas-themed stories by Linda Lael Miller, Kat Martin, and Mary Carter.

I think this is likely the cheapest they will ever put this anthology on sale, so this may be your chance, if you want to read Raoul Rosier’s story! The oldest cousin of the five Rosier cousins for the Vie en Roses series.

I am very attached to Raoul, I will admit. And I loved setting this Little Red Riding Hood themed story in Provence at Christmas. I hope you’ll enjoy, too! (If you haven’t picked this one up already.)


Here’s an Amazon link.


Barnes & Noble.


Plus more information/links here.

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Teaser Tuesday! Shadowed Heart

Does anybody want a little SHADOWED HEART teaser today? Teaser Tuesday, right? Sylvain is trying to give Luc marital advice. :)


“You mean, if I try to get everything right, that will screw things up, too?”

“Exactly.” Sylvain gave him a wry, sympathetic look. “Sorry, Luc.”

“Then how the hell do I get everything right?” Luc asked between his teeth.

“You don’t. You have to learn to live with screwing up.”

Luc just stared at him.

“I think you have to learn to relax,” Sylvain said, with unusual caution, as if he realized he was telling Luc to grow three heads. After a second, with a wry smile, he offered Luc his glass of pastis.

“No, thank you,” Luc said sternly, pushing the alcohol away. If he had to learn how to relax, he sure as hell needed to keep his control.

shadowed heart florand
Amazon pre-order here: Shadowed Heart: A Luc & Summer Novel (Amour et Chocolat)




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Flash sale of SNOW-KISSED

We’re doing a flash sale of SNOW-KISSED in honor of the approaching holiday season. The ebook is only 0.99 through Wednesday. Please share with anyone you think would like!

Here’s more about this one if you have missed it in the past:

Once they had been the happiest couple in the world. Once serious, restrained Kurt had fallen hard for a laughing, easy-going woman who filled their lives with joy.

But when loss struck them, Kai went down under the avalanche of grief. She threw their marriage away, and she left him, fleeing the world for this cabin high in the mountains.

Now, as the two find themselves snowbound over Christmas, Kurt has to convince his wife that while she may have lost everything else, she never lost him. Now he has to show her the true strength of one man’s love.

Voted the Biggest Tearjerker of the Year in the annual AAR reader poll (you were warned). Named one of the best books of 2013 by Dear Author and Romance Novels for Feminists. DABWAHA nominee (Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors).

snow-kissed florand


Barnes & Noble.



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Series Numbering Question

I have a question about series numbering. Does anyone have thoughts about what would be clearest to you?

Here’s the complicated issue:

SHADOWED HEART is, in terms of date of publication, Book 8 in the Amour et Chocolat series.

But in terms of story, it’s Luc and Summer’s sequel. (CHOCOLATE HEART, Luc & Summer’s book, is Book 5.)

And in terms of chronology, it occurs between CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION and SUN-KISSED. (About three months after CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION and three months before Jaime & Dom’s wedding in SUN-KISSED.) CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION is Book 6, SUN-KISSED is Book 7. (Or Book 2 of the KISSED duo.)

What makes sense to you as numbering? That is, what would be the least confusing to you?

Book 5.5 (to connect to Chocolate Heart)
Book 6.5 (chronological order)
Book 8 (publication order)

OR…just call it a spin-off from the series, with no number.

Do you have any thoughts? Are you indifferent to these things or do they really help you, as a reader?

A link to the full book list here, in case that is all clear as mud.

Thanks for any thoughts about it!!


shadowed heart florand

On Amazon.

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Glimpse of Luc, Shadowed Heart


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