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50 lbs of Dog Food or the Relativity of Weight

Conversation with husband over the phone while at Costco:
Me: “Honey, didn’t we feed the dog cat food last night? Do we need dog food?”
DH: Oh, yes, that would be great. Can you pick some up?
Me: OK, although…all the bags are 50 lbs.
DH: Oh, good, then we won’t have to think about it again for a while.
Me: 50 lbs.
DH: Yeah, I got that…wait…you can’t lift 50 lbs?
Me: It’s not just lifting it! I have to get it under that wiggly cart! And get it back out!
DH: …but it’s only 50 lbs. Is that hard?
[Can I just note for the record that for our entire marriage, I’ve picked up the pet food maybe a dozen times, because in most stores it weighs 20 or 25 lbs, and therefore DH considers it his responsibility. I think it started when I wrestled a bag one day while pregnant. But none of this is clicking in his brain today. He’s stuck on the fact that 50 lbs might seem heavy to someone, how could that possibly be?]
Me: No, it’s not hard. I mean, maybe. I mean…I can do it! I can do it!
DH: Look, just don’t worry about it, I’ll run out later.

See, this is one of those spots where the life experience of men and women diverges so sharply. I have to WORK on my upper body strength to handle 50 lbs competently. Most men can be as sedentary as they please and still never think twice about it.

And while my back is killing me today :), can we please hear it for the women here who can manipulate a 50-lb dog food bag with no problem? I know you’re out there. And while I dig out my old Jillian work-outs so I can be among your number again, go ahead and give yourself a shout-out. :)

2 Comments to 50 lbs of Dog Food or the Relativity of Weight

  1. Chanpreet

    Go Laura! I’ve moved 50 lb. suitcases and even 75 lb. ones, and although they aren’t fun, I can do it. :/

  2. You go, Chanpreet! :) I used to do those 50 pound suitcases a lot more…or those 55 pound ones while someone kindly let me get away with it…but I’ve gotten spoiled these days. I need to get back to my Jillian workouts. :)

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