Permalink to A glimpse of the heart macarons for the Feb 2 signing!

A glimpse of the heart macarons for the Feb 2 signing!

CHOCOLATE KISS discussion, complete with behind-the-scenes research andchocolate tasting from Miel Bon Bons at Southwest Library in Durham NC at 3 p.m. 

Bonnie (of Miel Bon Bons) has outdone herself with the chocolates and macarons for tomorrow’s CHOCOLATE KISS “launch” signing at Southwest Library (Sat Feb 2, 3 p.m.). The macarons are heart-shaped! And quadruple-wrapped in saran wrap, like she just had an INKLING how hard it would be for me to resist eating one when I got home from an evening of wild Mardi Gras dancing. Foiled again! Do spread the word…these are really special…heart macarons, chocolates, little strawberry-champagne cupcakes…I can’t believe how much she has done!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 Comments to A glimpse of the heart macarons for the Feb 2 signing!

  1. Chanpreet

    They look delicious! My mouth is watering and I want one, or many. :p

    Have a great signing! Would it be possible for you to swing by Atlanta on a tour stop for one of your books? I’m surprised not many authors do. It’s the largest city in the South-East!

  2. Chanpreet, I’ll be in Georgia for about 10 days in July, I think, as part of the launch of THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. I should be doing the literacy signing at the RWA conference in Atlanta itself, and before that I’ve promised to do 5 talks for the West Georgia library system…nearest one of those to Atlanta is their Douglasville branch, I think. Nothing is set in stone yet, so don’t consider this a promise or anything, but that is what is being sketched out right now. Of course, I need to check out diAmano while I’m there. :)

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