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Single Titles Reviewers Choice Award to THE CHOCOLATE THIEF

Very honored that THE CHOCOLATE THIEF has been awarded the Single Titles Reviewers Choice Award for 2012 single title contemporary.



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Wall Street Journal Recommends CHOCOLATE books

How fun!  THE CHOCOLATE KISS and THE CHOCOLATE THIEF are one of Wall Street Journal’s 14 alternatives to regular old chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  Just between you and me, I think it’s FINE to be all clichéd and pair them with a heart-shaped box of chocolate.  Especially the good stuff.  In fact, I would recommend it.  I can even recommend specific good stuff.  But what’s a box of chocolate without a book to go with it? :)

Link to the article and link to the slideshow.

Chocolate Kiss cover

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Books and chocolate

February’s contest (notice how I didn’t get organized to announce it until mid-February) is for a signed copy of a book of mine of your choice plus a chocolate surprise from one of my favorite local chocolatiers in honor of the whole chocolatey theme to this month. You can find the entry form on my website (under Extras/Contests.)


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Feb 12, 2 events

Just a reminder of 2 upcoming events, next Tuesday, Feb 12:

11 a.m., The Country Bookshop, Southern Pines NC.
7 pm., The Regulator, Durham NC.

In both, I’ll be talking chocolate and French pastry kitchens, sharing some behind-the-scenes research, offering some tastes (!), and, of course, signing THE CHOCOLATE KISS. The last events before Valentine’s Day!  Hope to see you there!

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A glimpse of the heart macarons for the Feb 2 signing!

CHOCOLATE KISS discussion, complete with behind-the-scenes research andchocolate tasting from Miel Bon Bons at Southwest Library in Durham NC at 3 p.m. 

Bonnie (of Miel Bon Bons) has outdone herself with the chocolates and macarons for tomorrow’s CHOCOLATE KISS “launch” signing at Southwest Library (Sat Feb 2, 3 p.m.). The macarons are heart-shaped! And quadruple-wrapped in saran wrap, like she just had an INKLING how hard it would be for me to resist eating one when I got home from an evening of wild Mardi Gras dancing. Foiled again! Do spread the word…these are really special…heart macarons, chocolates, little strawberry-champagne cupcakes…I can’t believe how much she has done!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Ready for La Chandeleur? And chocolate?

Two things are happening this Saturday.

ONE is that I’m doing a CHOCOLATE KISS discussion, complete with behind-the-scenes research and chocolate tasting from Miel Bon Bons at Southwest Library in Durham NC at 3 p.m. 

TWO is that it’s LA CHANDELEUR, which is when the French flip crêpes for good fortune.

Interestingly, this is also Groundhog’s Day in the U.S., and all I can say is that the fact that Americans go out before dawn to find a furry animal and see if it sees its shadow while the French invite their friends over and enjoy a nice evening of crêpes and cider, is just an interesting commentary on the difference between two cultures.

You know, one of those interesting commentaries where you think:  Wait.  When two paths diverged in a wood, why did MY culture go down the groundhog path?

Anyway, here is the link to my husband’s favorite crêpe recipe, plus my own Specially Patented Flipping Instructions, which, you will see, are vital to a successful crêpe-good-fortune festival.

Have fun!  Let me know how your flipping went.

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First glimpse of THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH!!

Come see the cover for THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH–it’s a whole new direction!–and get the first glimpse of what it’s about, over on Romantic Times today.

I’m really curious to hear what people think!  And I hope you’ll be excited to find out who it’s about. :)


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Indonesia and Brazil, here we come!

The Chocolate books are going to Indonesia and Brazil! Is that not fun? (That is, they’re going to be translated there.) May I just state for the record that if any publisher wants me to come along with the books, the way my lovely lovely dream publisher in Italy did, I am ENTIRELY GAME.  I will even learn how to say “Chocolate” in Indonesian and Portuguese and everything.

This is so fun. I was just thinking how cool it was that I would now be read on all continents, and then remembered the penguins in Antarctica and thought DARN. They’re going to be a holdout.

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Mina of Mina’s Bookshelf is offering a copy of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF (the book that started it all!) to one lucky commenter.   Here’s your chance to win a copy of the first book! Or send your friends over there, the ones you’ve been trying to convince they should give it a try. (You have been doing that, haven’t you? Right? Right?)

Please DO feel free to check out her lovely review of THE CHOCOLATE KISS while you’re at it.  Really.  Feel very free.

Here’s some of what she says about THE CHOCOLATE KISS, which just makes my day or week or month: “Remarkable, as usual, Florand’s descriptive narrative and strong sense of space and vivid depiction of the Parisian setting, particularly charming during the winter season. I love the spectacular visuals of the cobblestone sidewalks of the Île-Saint-Louis carpeted with snow, Magalie’s cozy apartment on the seventh floor of a 17th century building, a blurred view of the Eiffel Tower, the yellow-pink of a lazy dawn, la patisserie down a narrow and charming street, a cup of chocolat chaud…I found myself traveling back to my beloved Europe on the pages of a book. Superb!”

Thanks, Mina!

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Paris in the Snow

For those of you who like the scenes in the snow in THE CHOCOLATE KISS, you have to go see all the photos of yesterday’s snowfall.

Here’s where we’re talking about some of them on my Facebook page (it’s a public page, you don’t have to be on Facebook), the ones that show scenes from the book.

And here’s a link to the City of Paris’s album of photos.

So pretty.

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