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Chocolate Heart Giveaway! 5 early copies, 3 weeks before it hits stores

Author copies are here! And I’m giving 5 of them away. Extra entries possible for liking or otherwise sharing the news! Plus, you have to tell me what chocolate you want right now. :)

I hope you’ll enjoy this story! Publishers Weekly gave it another coveted starred review, saying “Florand outdoes herself with this exquisite confection… painstakingly crafted and decadent as the sweets it portrays, leaving the reader longing for just one little taste.” And RT Book Reviews said, “Florand’s long-standing love affair with Paris comes alive in her charming descriptions of the city and the delectable desserts her hero concocts. …[a]delightful story full of sizzling sexual chemistry and a stellar cast of secondary characters.”

So I hope you’ll like it, too! I’m excited to have it hit stores.
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Publishers Weekly Starred Review for THE CHOCOLATE HEART

I’m thrilled to announce that THE CHOCOLATE HEART has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

“Florand outdoes herself with this exquisite confection… painstakingly crafted and decadent as the sweets it portrays, leaving the reader longing for just one little taste.” – Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

This joins RT Book Reviews generous praise of the book: “Florand’s long-standing love affair with Paris comes alive in her charming descriptions of the city and the delectable desserts her hero concocts. …[a]delightful story full of sizzling sexual chemistry and a stellar cast of secondary characters.”

Only a little over three weeks before it hits stores! November 26!

the chocolate heart florand

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A Lovely Lunch with Theresa Romain

Thursday was a fun day! Because, as some of you may have noticed, first of all it was HALLOWEEN! A day that combines costumes and chocolate, so what’s not to like, really? And then, to top it all off, Theresa Romain came to town! You remember her? She wrote all those Season for books I keep talking to you about? Season for Scandal, Season for Surrender…I don’t know where she got the idea she should be repeating the same word in all her titles like that, I really don’t. You know I would never do something like that.

Anyway, since I love her books, once I heard she was going to be in town, I HIJACKED her from her own brother’s wedding preparations, but that’s okay, because I have four brothers myself, and sometimes, you just have to ignore them. Here we are! Am I a good self-photographer or what? Which do you think I caught better, us or the chocolate? Theresa brought me the most adorable chocolate witch, too, in honor of THE CHOCOLATE KISS, but I thought the two of us looked More Our Lovely Selves in this photo, so I’m just going to let Theresa look like the one who got all the chocolate. So there I am, chocolate-deprived again. But having a good time with a fantastic author!

laura florand, theresa romain

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The Chocolate Kiss Pumpkin

The awesomest! I bring you The Chocolate Kiss Pumpkin, courtesy of reader Amy.

Happy Halloween to all of you! It’s a favorite day of the year over at La Maison des Sorcières. Wonder what display window they’re putting together this year? :)
chocolate kiss pumpkin


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Giveaway + Amazon Launches Matchbook (free/cheap ebooks for those who have print copies)

GIVEAWAY WINNERS: Sharon B, Cassandra M., Michele A! Congratulations! :) I hope you love this one as much as I do.


Book That Got Me Hooked Giveaway! You all remember how much I loved Mary Ann Rivers ‘s novella Story Guy, right? Just love, love this new author. She’s got her second novella out today, Snowfall in the anthology Heating Up the Holidays. And just to make sure nobody has an excuse about missing this fantastic new voice, I’m going to give away THREE copies of that first novella, THE STORY GUY. (The book that got me hooked!) Just  comment to enter, and I’ll open up comment entries on my Facebook, too. Here’s a link to her Amazon page so you can check out more reviews on this newest anthology and her amazing first novella! (And get a peek at what her first full length book will be about.)

Mary Ann Rivers Amazon Page

story guy mary ann rivers

In other news, Amazon has launched their Kindle Matchbook program! This means that if you bought THE CHOCOLATE ROSE or SNOW-KISSED in print (or want to buy them in print) you can get the ebook copy to go with it, currently for FREE.  (Kind of my introductory early Christmas gift! After that, I think for 0.99 extra.)

There’s also a link here where you can check out if any books by any authors that you’ve bought in the past might be included in this offer: Kindle Matchbook--Do you have some books included?

I’m excited about this new deal! Are you? Have you tried it already?

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Chocolate Kiss audio & Snow-Kissed book club

Okay, announcement one: THE CHOCOLATE KISS is now available on audio! Yay! Narrated by Terri Clark.

And two: I know we just did a book club, but is anyone up for brainstorming book club questions for SNOW-KISSED? Because another reader here (Amy P.) has a book club coming up first week of November, and this is a complex one to come at, don’t you think? It still makes me feel very fragile inside to talk about it.

But I had some ideas for food, since there’s quite a bit in the book: hot chocolate, waffles w/strawberry hearts, broccoli soup, panini, chocolate chip cookies.

And making Christmas ornaments, if the club likes to do crafts! (Particularly cinnamon dough ornaments for which I should probably post my version of the recipe.)

But questions. I think this story is so delicate and tough and fragile all at once to me that it’s hard for me to approach it. Maybe as readers rather than author you will have some of your brilliant readerly insights? What questions would you ask, in a book club?

snowkissed florand

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Book Club Suggestions for THE CHOCOLATE THIEF

A huge thank you to all the generous, smart readers who helped brainstorm these questions here and on Facebook for the “What Happens in Book Club, Stays in Book Club” book club, and whatever other book club wishes to use them!

We’re setting up a section of the web site to keep the different book club books organized, but in the meantime, enjoy! If you have any other thoughts, don’t hesitate to chime in, in the comments. And of course, if your own book club is reading one of the books, I would love to hear from you!



  • Leather pants!
  • “Explore” scents the way Cade does in Sylvain’s shop. Each person could bring a favorite spice or oil (lemon oil, nutmeg, etc.), with the label covered, and people could pass these around and see if they can identify it and discuss their associations with the scent.
  • S’mores. One reader suggested making s’mores with different types of chocolate (Hershey’s, Ghirardelli, Lindt) and discussing whether one kind of chocolate evokes greater nostalgia. Or reader and “What Happens in Book Club, Stays in Book Club” organizer Shannon found some s’more martinis: .


1) Who should play Sylvain in a film? Bring photos of your candidates! (No one ever seems to have nearly as much fun finding candidates for Cade, but they go together, right?)

2) Cade emphasizes the importance of Corey Bars as “every man’s” chocolate, the chocolate to which people attached in childhood. Is there any food that you love most, because of childhood associations/nostalgia, even when you know that it’s not the “good” stuff? (For example, do you ever prefer boxed macaroni and cheese over a made-from-scratch with gruyère version? Or Hershey’s chocolate to a dark Valrhona?)

3) Cade struggles between what she should do and what she wants to do, at a major crossroads in her life choices. Have you ever struggled with this choice (choosing a college major, for example)? Which did you choose, what you wanted or what you should, and how did it work out for you? Do you agree with Cade’s choice?

4) Even though Cade is heiress to a major multinational corporation, Paris makes her feel very unsure of herself. Have you ever had that feeling when you travel of being out of your element, unsure?

5) Have you been to Paris? Where there any aspects to Cade’s experience that resonated with your own?

6) The cultural collision is an important aspect of the Amour et Chocolat series. How do you think The Chocolate Thief would have been different if the story had been set in NYC, or Montreal, or some other city? Would the relationship of the lovers have been different, and if so, how?

7) Which gesture of Sylvain’s toward Cade did you find the most romantic? Why?

8) Who do you think gives the most in this relationship? And who do you think gains the most? Did you feel, in the end, they had both given their all to the relationship?

9) Imagine you have a box of chocolates in front of you and an array of diamond rings. Locked in a room for an hour, which would you have the hardest time not stealing?


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Book Club Brainstorming: THE CHOCOLATE THIEF

Over on Facebook, we are brainstorming questions for a book club that is doing THE CHOCOLATE THIEF in a couple of weeks. Anyone here want to join in?

I say: leather pants should be de rigueur. :)

Also, you could totally do something fun with all the scents Cade explores in Sylvain’s shop. (Like, bottles of spices and lemon oil, etc., covered so people can’t see the labels, and see who can identify them or what memories they associate with different scents.) Then there’s the ever popular debate of who should play Sylvain in a film. (No one ever really cares nearly as much about who should play Cade! I’m thinking the photos on Google aren’t nearly as fun to look through. :) )

What kinds of questions would you want to discuss in a book club on THE CHOCOLATE THIEF?

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Memory Lane: Said Chocolate Factory in Rome

This time last year, I was just returning home from the book tour for THE CHOCOLATE THIEF‘s release in Italy (Ladra di Cioccolato). I was thinking about that and the fact that it’s only been 14 months since THE CHOCOLATE THIEF came out, and what a wild ride it has been. I never even got to share half of the things that happened in Italy, so much was happening so fast all the time before, during, and after. And I didn’t even know how to use Twitter and Instagram to help!

florence ladra di cioccolato florand


This was one of the places I never managed to get to in my posts about the trip last year. Said Chocolate Factory (Said Anitca Fabbrica del Cioccolato), in Rome, where Fanucci Editore hosted the official grand finale of the tour.

said chocolate factory rome

SAID is the most charming chocolate store and restaurant you have ever seen.

said chocolate factoryAll the old chocolate-making equipment everywhere, the chocolate molds on the old stone walls, the little rooms like caves with wooden tables.

said chocolate factory rome

said chocolate factory rome

said chocolate factory

For the event, there was lots of chocolate served, and it was so much fun. I remember a family that got me to sign my book for their eight-year-old, and me arguing with them in Italian that no, “c’è sesso!”, and they promised not to let the kids read it until they were much older, they just wanted the autograph. (Not these people, but here’s a glimpse of the gathering.)

said chocolate factory

There was a television crew and I remember doing an interview half in English, half in Italian, but they promised me they would subtitle it for the show. (I can’t even remember what show–which sounds crazy, really, except, as I said, there was so much going on.)

said antica fabbrica del cioccolato

Here am I with my Italian editor, Isabella Spanu, at Said. Isn’t she the tiniest thing you ever saw? Not to mention stylish! She’s moved on from Fanucci now, and I miss her!

laura florand and isabella spanuThe whole tour in Italy was such an amazing experience, and I’ll always be grateful to Fanucci for bringing me over there, and to the publicist Giulia Fea who organized everything and escorted me everywhere with such patience. It’s really been an incredible year, since the tour and since the Chocolate books started coming out!

Thanks to all you readers, too, whose interest in these books has made so much of this worthwhile!

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Giveaway! Theresa Romain’s Season for Scandal

GIVEAWAY WINNER: Elaine Travels. (Who, by the way, is blogging about her move to Paris and just visited the Île Saint-Louis, the primary setting for THE CHOCOLATE KISS. You can check it out here. Thanks, everyone, for your interest!


Giveaway! I think I’ve mentioned before my discovery of Theresa Romain this year and how much I love the slow build of friendship and powerful attraction, so entwined, in her books, as well as the intelligent and vivid control she has of words as she sets her scenes and creates that oh-so-tantalizing tension as these characters grow closer and closer.

She’s got two new books out this past month (It Takes Two to Tangle, which is a new series and it is just lovely, love, love Frances, and Season for Scandal, which I just read this weekend and which is beautiful and Jane the heroine is amazing. And it got an A+ review from Smart B*tches, Trashy Books, so you know I’m not the only one who thinks so).


And so she kindly agreed to take part in my “what got me hooked” giveaways and give a copy of the first book I ever read by her, the one that got me hooked on her books. It is Season for Surrender (and the main character of Season for Scandal features in it frequently, so it’s a nice pair with it), and it is set at Christmas. It was also a Sizzling Book Club pick at SBTB if I remember correctly, just so you know how well-liked this book has been. Just comment before Thursday midnight to enter and we’ll draw one name from here or Facebook. (You’re welcome to enter on Facebook as well.) Theresa says she can send a signed copy to a US winner or unsigned internationally.

Thanks so much, Theresa, for sharing your books with us!

Here’s the one we’re giving away, but really, you should all check out all of them. The build of the relationship in her books is just so inexorably tantalizing and slow and thorough, it’s quite lovely.

season for surrender theresa romain

Enter by Thursday midnight! :)