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CHOCOLATE THIEF = Recommended Read

I can’t get over how nice reviews are for this book!  It’s almost unnerving.  (I know, I’m weird that way.)

THE CHOCOLATE THIEF is a Recommended Read by Dear Author:

“A lovely confection of a contemporary romance. It’s well-written, it features an absolutely delectable hero and an admirable, adorable heroine (even when she is committing theft). My one warning to readers: do not, under any circumstances, read this book when you’re hungry.”


Also, a 4-star review from The Readiacs and a Warning:  “***WARNING!!!***
This book will leave you eating insane amounts of chocolate!”  (Well, you can’t say you weren’t told.”

Cocktails and Books gives it 4 out of 5 cocktails, and I could really use a few cocktails today:   “A beautiful story of love, romance, fear, and passion.”

Chicklit Worth Reading calls THE CHOCOLATE THIEF:  “The Best Secret Gem of the Month.”

Wow…I’m so glad people are enjoying it.  And want to thank all the reviewers who chanced some of their precious reading time on a new series!

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The Chocolate Hunt is on!

You would not believe the things my editor asks me to do.  No, seriously.  We’re having a nice peaceful dinner, and all the sudden she asks me if I can do a guide to my favorite U.S.-based chocolatiers for CHOCOLATE 3 (title a tiny bit in the air still; coming summer 2013).

Does that sound like a job for me?  Do I look like the kind of person who would enjoy researching all the top chocolatiers in the U.S.?

Do I look as if I’ll hold up under the strain?

Ha, ha, ha, I crack myself up.

The only problem–and I know this is going to surprise some of you–is I haven’t actually tried every single top chocolatier in the U.S. yet.

I need some HELP.

This means YOU.

Job 1:  Go out and try all the good artisan chocolatiers in your area or while you’re traveling.  Don’t tell me you can’t do it.  This is for RESEARCH.  Remember those days as a broke student when you did every research program at your university that paid ten bucks or offered pizza?  This is WAY BETTER THAN THAT.

GO TRY THEM.  Go farther afield.  Step off the beaten path when you’re away for a weekend.  TRY SOME MORE CHOCOLATE THERE.  (Yes, that is how I travel.)

Job 2:  When you feel you’ve found a good one–a GREAT one–WRITE TO ME.

Tell me where, tell me what, tell me why.  Feel free to send photos.  (Honestly, feel free to send samples, te he he…)

I will enter ANYONE who sends a genuine artisan chocolatier recommendation into a drawing for a signed advanced copy of THE CHOCOLATE KISS.*   Yes, if you keep diligently researching and  end up with more than one suggestion, you can be entered more than one time.  (DON’T YOU STINT ON THAT RESEARCH.)

And if your arguments convince me to try this chocolatier and I AGREE with you, and I pick one of your recommendations to go into the back of CHOCOLATE 3, I’ll send you TWO signed advanced copies of CHOCOLATE 3, when it’s available, one for you, and one for the chocolatier.**  Who might even give you some chocolate to say thanks! :)  (No, seriously, s/he really might.)

I am open to many kinds of chocolate persuasion, but a few things that get me all hungry and eager to try:

1) Ganache.  Dark chocolate ganache, subtly infused with flavors.

2)  A range of flavors from the classic (vanilla) to the unusual (tomato-basil anyone?).

3)  Hand-painted chocolates.  OK, it’s not required.  Many top chocolatiers do not hand paint.  But those hand-painted chocolates are so pretty!

4)  French training can be a good sign.  But there are people who become great without it, self-trained, so just let me know their story.  Speaking of which…

5)  A great story.  I love the stories of how people ended up where they are, making chocolate.

6)  Did I mention ganache?

Some examples of U.S.-based chocolatiers I love:

A lovely selection of chocolates that have fallen sad victims to my inability to take a good photograph.  Christophe Artisan Chocolatier, a third-generation French chocolatier in Charleston SC.

A close-up of some hand-painted chocolates from CaliBressan, in Santa Barbara, CA.

Miel Bonbons, Carrboro, NC.

Just an example of some beautiful chocolates!

If you think you know of an artisan chocolatier who deserves to be in a book, let me know!  And you never know, I might come by for research and do a signing in your area while I’m at it.

Please forward this call as WIDELY as you can!  I want the greatest possible input!

*THE CHOCOLATE KISS advanced copies should be available in early December.

**If multiple people nominate the same chocolatier, I will draw a name for the BOOK 3 copies.  CHOCOLATE BOOK 3 is due out Summer 2013, and advanced copies are usually available 3-4 weeks before release date.

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NPR calls THIEF a “delectable summer bonbon”

Wow, what a wonderful review of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF on NPR Books.

A delectable summer bonbon


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THE CHOCOLATE THIEF hits stores today!

Reviews have been wonderful:

“It’s like when you find that amazing piece of chocolate — you take a bite, and it sits on your tongue and melts into a pool of liquid heaven,” – RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

“Readers will devour this frothy, fun novel.” – Booklist

“I adored this story: Paris, chocolate, and romance, all in one hilarious package.”  Eloisa James, The Barnes & Noble Review

“Laura Florand gives the reader a delicious romp through Paris through the eyes of an American heiress on a mission…a delightful read filled with emotional angst, hot sex and scrumptious chocolate that will please any reader.”– Single Titles, 5 stars

“My hunger for more, more, more, kept my interest piqued and washed over me with a beautiful sensual combination of descriptions of Sylvain and Cady’s growing, burgeoning relationship and the beauty and art of all things chocolate.” Guilty Pleasures, 4.5 stars, “A True Gem” award

Please join the conversation with your own reviews (on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.)  And check out some of the chocolate shops in the back!  (Because you owe it to yourself.  Come on, you know you do.)

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Mark Your Calendars!


Wednesday July 25, 5:00-8:00 p.m., I’ll be signing THE CHOCOLATE THIEF in Anaheim at the RWA Literacy Signing, table 103 (by cashiers).  ALL proceeds go to Literacy.  (Meaning, the books themselves are entirely donated.)  Stop by to win some chocolate!

Saturday, July 29, 3:30-5 p.m.  I’ll be at the Kensington Signing at RWA.  Books are free!  (But you have to register for RWA first.)  More chocolate to be won.

North Carolina:

Tuesday Sept 5, 7 p.m.  I’ll be singing THE CHOCOLATE THIEF at The Regulator, Durham NC.  There may be chocolate involved!

THE CHOCOLATE THIEF is in stores JULY 31.  8 more days!  (Copies available at RWA are being released early for that specific event.)

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A True Gem

Some really lovely reviews coming in this past week from various reader blogs.  I’m so touched!

Guilty Pleasures gave THE CHOCOLATE THIEF its “True Gem” award:  “Laura Florand takes the reader to the most interesting places in a world that most people don’t really know a lot about. But she does it in a way that makes you hunger for more information while loving the characters and all their eccentricities. My hunger for more, more, more, kept my interest piqued and washed over me with a beautiful sensual combination of descriptions of Sylvain and Cady’s growing, burgeoning relationship and the beauty and art of all things chocolate.”   (4.5 stars).

And Single Titles gave it 5 stars:  “”Laura Florand gives the reader a delicious romp through Paris through the eyes of an American heiress on a mission.”

And Readers Favorite also 5 stars:  “Funny and romantic and makes you want to get a hold of some really good chocolate. Love and chocolate, what more could you want? Maybe a trip to Paris!”

A big thank you to all the readers and reviewers out there who are trying a taste of this new series.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the taste.)

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Buddhas! 40 Buddhas!

Oh-ho-ho, as the French would say about this time in a deep, grumbly, entirely satisfied voice.  If you are wondering what would make a person happy, this.  This would make a person happy:

No, wait.  It gets better.  You remember how I posted about the utterly delicious Pool of Heaven Buddha from CaliBressan in a box a certain sibling sent me a few weeks ago?

Well, another sibling and sibling-in-law read that post and had what I can only call a BRILLIANT IDEA.  It being a Very Important Birthday of yours truly and all.  (Not necessarily any connection with the number of Buddhas.  They could have added 10 on extra.  I’m just saying.)

They called Jean-Michel Carre and said, “How many Buddhas can we order at once?”

And look:

Forty!  Forty Buddhas!  A layer on top, and then, just as you were thinking, that’s an awfully big box, you finally figure out how to open it and Buddhas!  Buddhas!  Everywhere!  4 layers of Buddhas!  They just spread out like a fan.

(Boy, if I lived in the days of fans, I could totally see myself carrying a fan full of Buddhas.  Alas, they would probably melt.)

The reason for the Prominently Placed Product Promotion by the 40 Buddhas is that our coffee table has been Seriously Distressed by a canine, who clawed it to death the second day after we got it, at which point we gave up on new furniture for the rest of our lives or until we have animals that obey us about the furniture, whichever comes first.  At the time of the photo shoot, THE CHOCOLATE THIEF was the nearest presentable item to hand to cover the scars.  (As opposed to, say, stray My Little Ponies and Operation games.)

Anyway…40 Buddhas!  Forty!  Apparently, Jean-Michel Carre had to make a special order of them, and while in progress, emailed tantalizing things like, “Working on them right now.”

Which has made my brain go off like a light-bulb!  I am in Anaheim next week.  What if I just SKIPPED a day of this conference and drove up to Santa Barbara (only 2 hours!) and did RESEARCH.  What do you think?  I want to see the Buddhas made!  This is serious business.  You never know how many books I could get out of watching the Buddha process.

Conference=career networking and learning opportunity.  Talking Jean-Michel into letting me research=career learning opportunity + pure joy and gustatory delight.  What would you do?

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Chocolate Thief on Good Morning Texas

What a nice segment!  Some great authors were recommended.  I am humbled.

Here’s the link for those of you who would like to check it out.


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Good Morning Texas features The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief is featured on the Good Morning Texas Buy the Book segment this morning July 17, 10 a.m. Central time (after WFAA, Channel 8 airs Good Morning America).

The other authors featured are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Meg Cabot, Lisa Jackson…so this is all very exciting company.

For those of you not in Texas, the video will beon the Good Morning Texas website and also on the website of Fresh Fiction  later in the day after the show airs.

Please help spread the word!

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Ha, you have to go check out this photo Donna Kauffman has proposed for Sylvain Marquis, the hero of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF.  I’m not one of those authors who uses actor photos to inspire me, but I have to say…he would do. :)  Nicely.

By a funny coincidence*, I was seeking island reads just last week and picked up Donna’s own Sugar Rush, which I just recommended on USA Today’s Happily Ever After Blog.  Georgia island life + cupcakes + hot chefs and a funny, sexy, sweet love story, what more could you want for a vacation really?  It’s even got recipes.  For cupcakes, I mean, not for creating your own personal hot chef.  (Maybe in her next book.)

*Well, when I say coincidence, we both love food and we both write for the same editor who is always mentioning how wonderful Donna’s writing is (not sure if the reverse is true!), so how long was it really gonna take before our reading and writing tastes collided?  It’s just funny it happened the same week.

Anyway…go check out the photo.  Let me know what you think.  :)


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