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The Chocolate Thief in Bulgaria

The Chocolate Thief comes to Bulgaria! A big thanks to Elena of Ellie reads fiction for being the one to send me the cover. (I know it seems surprising, but international publishers don’t always think to send a cover to the author! They don’t know how much I love languages, I guess.)

chocolate thief bulgarian

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The Potato Award!

I am ridiculously delighted that SNOW-KISSED is right there with MAGIC BITES receiving the “Potato Awards for Ultimate Relationship” (Ilona Andrews is a favorite author of mine and I adore Kate and Curran’s relationship). Also, I am just ridiculously delighted to be given a Potato Award anyway. I feel as if it should come with an official golden potato, but still… :) Can I give a return award to the Social Potato blog site for “Best Name for an Award Ever”? :)

A huge thank you for the honor! And check out the list for lots of great recommendations and a giveaway of a book from the list of your choice.

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Library Journal Starred Review for Once Upon a Rose

I’m so excited! I just heard that ONCE UPON A ROSE is receiving a starred review from LIBRARY JOURNAL! I can’t quote from it yet because the magazine doesn’t come out for another three weeks, but I had to share. (The book itself is coming Feb 3!)

I took a big emotional risk, in terms of stepping into creative entrepreneurship, when I turned down the 4-book contract from Kensington to publish La Vie en Roses series independently, so it really means a lot to me to have the series start off well and to have both the kind words coming back from you advanced readers and this honor from one of the major industry journals.

Thank you all so much for all the support and patience as I got this series off the ground!

And I need advice: One of the things I am supposed to be learning to do this year is to celebrate successes (this is supposed to teach me to overcome anxiety and stress). But it turns out I’m actually not very good at it! I usually just go straight back to worrying about the next thing I need to get done.

How do you celebrate your successes? (You are doing that, aren’t you? Because if not, then we need to develop our own little 12-step plan on how to help each other celebrate our successes!)

What are some ways that work for you?

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A Gorgeous Chocolate Heart

I love this immoderately! A chocolate heart from Patrick Roger. Which hero do you think would make this one, for whom?

patrick roger chocolate heart

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First review for Once Upon a Rose

Aww, this is such a lovely review from Ivy Book Bindings! As the first “official” one in for ONCE UPON A ROSE, I just have to share a bit. If you go peek at the actual blog post, you can catch some sneak peeks of the book, too, because she’s quoted some favorite scenes.

“Florand’s prose can move me to tears, affect me with emotion of the acutest kind, and render me hopelessly in love. I thought, after five full-length novels, three novellas, and two short stories that I knew the intricate ins-and-outs of Florand’s writing style and ability. After all, she had covered such a wide range and scope of characters, love stories, and depth within her debut series. But I was wrong.

What I hadn’t known was that Florand’s prose has the ability to make me grin like a lovesick fool, giggle like a young schoolgirl, and squeal at the absolute adorable-ness on the page. As an avid reader of Florand’s, I’d come across sexy, arrogant chefs; ambitious, motivated, and passionate. But few things delight quite the same way that a strong, rugged, and handsome French countryman who blushes does.”

once upon a rose laura florand

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Roses in all their forms! :)

I love this! Pakwanstripes, who is reading an ARC of ONCE UPON A ROSE, made this after reading about valleys of roses!

Lovely talent!

pakwan crochet

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The Chocolate Thief goes to Brazil!

Look! It’s the Brazilian cover of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF! (Not sure of release date, actually, but the fact that the cover is showing up means it’s coming soon.) I always have a lot of fun seeing the different choices in title, cover, across countries. (Melhor que chocolate means Better than Chocolate, literally.)

chocolate thief brazil melhor que chocolate

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Friday Book Club: Irrationality and Quiet!

Friday Book Club! What are you all reading? I just finished PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL by Dan Ariely and found it really fascinating. Really intriguing experiments on how humans make irrational decisions and what are different things that push them to do so.

Now I’m diving into QUIET by Susan Cain, of which I actually read great chunks a long time ago when I was visiting someone for the holidays and they had a copy, but I decided to go back and read the whole thing.

If you haven’t read it and you’ve ever wondered “what is wrong with you” because you don’t like parties or need lots of solitude and down time, this is a great book for you.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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Best of 2014 for Shadowed Heart from Romance Novels for Feminists

I wanted to take a second to offer a huge thank you to Romance Novels for Feminists for choosing SHADOWED HEART as a Best Book of 2014. I’m very honored by the selection and by the company, which includes Emma Barry, Ruthie Knox (Robin York), Suzanne Brockmann, Meredith Duran, Mary Ann Rivers, Cecilia Grant, Historical Romance Author, and several more authors whose work I hugely admire.

Thank you so much for honoring SHADOWED HEART!

Link to the full list.


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Fleurs (2)

Note: This is an old post from 2007, when I first started doing research for the Vie en Roses series. I’m re-posting it now because I’m pretty sure none of my new readership (those who found me with the Chocolate books) have seen it and that you might enjoy a glimpse of this world.


All around Grasse in the south of France, the world is full of flowers.

Maybe most of those old fields of flowers have been sold, turned into “concrete fields” as one rose grower said, or villas.

But the people who live there have kept flowers as their identity, what makes them unique and beautiful. They are the place where flowers and perfume once reigned supreme, and that’s a beautiful identity for any place, so they want to keep it.

(A statue in Grasse of a 17th-century perfumer. Imagine buying perfumes from someone in the streets like this! If only we could somehow blend the beauty of their world with one where we have electricity and vaccinations.)

So flowers show up…in violet flavored ice cream.


(The same place had lavender, rose, and orange blossom with pine nuts. More on this glacier later.)

In trous normands at fine restaurants, where the sorbets are flavored with lavender or thyme or rosemary. (Two of which aren’t flowers, but when you’re eating them, close enough.)


(What a delightful experience this restaurant was in every way, the food, the view, the waiter, the chef, the hostess…)

In guimauve, which is old-fashioned, handmade marshmallow. Cut, as Auer sells them:


Or left in strips, as they are in the big jar in this photo.


The flavors were orange blossom, violet, anise, and rose.

In the same photo, we find flowers in syrups and liqueurs and jellies. (In French, jelly or jam is a confiture de fruits, but a confit de rose or jasmin or any flower.)

In fountains.


This one flows with eau de rose.

And that is not all, but I must take a break now and go lay me down in a bed of roses…




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