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Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! What are you all reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

I’m swamped with final exams and the fiction projects from our course, so not reading much outside of that right now. But have a few books I’m looking forward to! I started Dorothy Sayers’ Strong Poison before papers came in, and Audra North shared an early copy of their One Week in Hawaii with me, so I’m looking forward to trying it. What about you?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much for all this feedback on author/reader discovery! This is hugely interesting to me, actually. One of the things that strikes me in the responses is how varied discovery is. And another thing that struck me is that, even though you would think an informal online question would filter to people who discover a lot of things online, libraries still got a lot of mentions, tying in second place with friend recommendations and blogs. (So let’s hear it for our libraries!! Also, for friends and for all you bloggers. smile emoticon )

And you know what the number one mention was? Authors. Authors who recommend books they love to their readers. That is a really important thing for me, as an author, to remember. And also, of course, it means, as I already knew, that I owe such huge thanks to the authors who have been generous enough to pick these books up and talk about them to you.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m fascinated by this.

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How did you discover these books?

I was observing a conversation about author discoverability the other day, and now I am curious. How did you first discover my books? (Friend recommendation, free book promotion, blog review, happened to spot it on a library or bookstore shelf…? Other?) I’m very curious!

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Chocolate Giveaway! From Sucré in New Orleans

This giveaway is closed. The winner is Rachel C (an entry on FB). Congratulations and I hope it tastes delicious!

Flash Giveaway! Remember when I was in New Orleans and flaunting photos from Sucré? You thought I had forgotten you, didn’t you? Ha! I was just waiting until you were wishing you had some good chocolates, having had to spend the weekend reading about them. :)

sucre chocolates

Unfortunately, I can only ship this in the US–the chocolate wouldn’t survive the international shipping in good condition. (I’m not set up to do the kind of packaging it would need and the overnight international shipping.)

And remember these are hand-made luxury chocolates that I picked up to share while traveling. I can in no way guarantee that they are free of allergens (in fact, they most definitely contain nuts and dairy), or in any other way make you any guarantees whatsoever except that I will put them in a padded envelope with the address you send me and hope they get there in good condition. (But if they sit on your porch for hours, they will probably melt.) Please only enter if you can do so in a spirit of fun, because this would make you happy. Otherwise it would make me *very* happy to eat them myself, so I want to make sure it would make whoever gets them *at least as happy* or we’re operating on some kind of happiness entropy principle and that’s no good.

Giveaway closes at noon Tuesday. (FB entries accepted, too, for those who prefer.)

Here’s a quote from the book because I couldn’t resist this one for this giveaway. Just imagine me saying this to you in some kind of Uncle Sam big finger pointed pose. :)


All for You on Amazon.

All for You on BN.

All for You on Apple.

All for You on Kobo.

All for You on Google.

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Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! What are you all reading this week and weekend? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

I’ve been re-reading myself (Once Upon a Rose), which doubtless sounds rather self-absorbed, but it’s because I’m about two-thirds of the way through the draft of the next Rosier book and needed to re-situate myself in the family dynamics set up in Book 1 and make sure I still had a good feel for them and where they were heading.

And last weekend/beginning of this week I was reading Sage Blackwood’s Jinx series. This is a middle-grade fantasy series around the main character, Jinx, that had been recommended to me a lot for my daughter. I started reading it myself and just loved it–the character, the world, the wry humor and magic. A big recommend, both for adults or if you’re looking for something for your own kids. No romance, though! (Well, a hint of it, but it’s not at all the focus.)

What about you? What are you reading?

Happy weekend!

(PS There’s a chocolate cup giveaway going on on my Facebook page until noon today. Hop over there to enter.)

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It’s here! ALL FOR YOU, Book 1 in the Paris Hearts series

It’s here! I love this hard-headed, true-hearted couple so much. I hope you enjoy this story of stubbornness and first loves and second chances.


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Early reader copies have been sent! ALL FOR YOU coming very soon!

The fifteen advance review copies of ALL FOR YOU for readers have been SENT! If you asked to be in the drawing, check your email.

I hugely appreciate all the interest and requests. I know a lot of you are disappointed right now, and I’m sorry we couldn’t send to everyone! It really means a lot to me that so many people asked.

If your email inbox is empty, DO NOT DESPAIR. We are actually very hopeful that we will be able to make this book live earlier than planned (like SOON, very, very soon). If you are signed up to be emailed when a new book comes out (button at the top of my timeline that says “Sign Up”), keep your eyes peeled for an email soon letting you know when it’s live.

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Love! Chocolate Touch launch in Bulgaria

Elena of Ellie Reads Fiction sent me this news on The Chocolate Touch‘s launch in Bulgaria. I love it! (It’s in Bulgarian. Google Translator had to help me there.)

Radi Stambolov,  one of the most famous chocolatiers in Bulgaria, and pastry chef Borislav Ekzarhov
were special guests, and they had tastings and readings and the publisher gave away plates with quotes from The Chocolate Touch. (I don’t know what quote! Could it be the same as our chocolate cups? :) )

Alas, there is only one great tragedy in all this–I was not there!

When Fanucci brought me over to Italy for the launch of THIEF (Ladra di Cioccolato in Italy) they had some wonderful events like this, and you can imagine how much I enjoyed it. Here I will enjoy vicariously. Those violet-topped tarts!! So beautiful.

chocolate touch bulgaria launch

I would totally have flown over for this! You all know I would have. I love this kind of thing so much. Plus, I hear Bulgaria is gorgeous. Have any of you ever been there? (Do we have any other Bulgarian readers on this site besides Elena?)


chocolate touch bulgaria

P.S. Actually there is a close-up photo from a different angle of those violet tarts with the web article and I realize they are not tarts but little individual chocolate cups grouped together on one plate.

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Reader ARCs of ALL FOR YOU

Reader advanced copies of ALL FOR YOU are almost ready!

As many of you know, I think reader reviews are extremely important. They really help get a discussion going among readers, and that is just vital to the life of a book.

So in honor of that, I started, several books back, sharing the 10 arcs my publisher would give me with those of you who would like to review on Amazon, Apple, BN, Goodreads, etc. Obviously, it’s important to have more reviews for books than that, so I hope all of you will consider reviewing if you can, but this is my way of trying to honor the regular readers and not just focus on professional reviewers. We’re going to keep with this tradition again this time around.

If you’ve asked to be on the list before, you should still be on it for this round. (Although you can double-check by trying to sign up again–it won’t let you sign up twice.) If you’re relatively new to my books but would enjoy this kind of opportunity,  here’s the link to sign up.

We’re hoping to get these out in the next week. Please remember that there is a LOT of interest, and we send out a very limited number, so it’s all in the luck of the draw, but I hope it’s a fun opportunity.

Thank you all again for all your interest and support. Reader reviews are really vital to authors, so I truly appreciate how many of you have gone out of your way to share your thoughts and spread the word about these books.

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Friday Book Club! Nalini Singh, Jeannie Lin, Jayne Ann Krentz–what about you?

Friday Book Club! I’ve missed this the past couple of weeks between conference travel and Easter. What have you been reading?

I just finished re-reading The Sword Dancer to prepare for Jeannie Lin – Official Author Page ‘s visit next week for our Unsuitable series (and for our class, where students are reading it). I love Jeannie Lin’s world-building!

I was reading Jayne Ann Krentz‘s Trust No One on the plane to New Orleans–she’s a favorite comfort read, and this book particularly worked for me.

And now I’m reading Nalini Singh‘s Shards of Hope (coming out in June) and really loving the heroine, Zaira, who is such a powerful character. Of course I love Aden, too, but I knew that already from previous books!

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to for the weekend?

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